Ginkgo Biloba Leaf - 450mg - 100 Capsules

It is referred to as the "smart herb", because it improves brain function by improving circulation and increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. Its effects in improving circulation also contribute to its use for impotency and peripheral vascular insufficiency. A standardized extract is good source of the phytochemicals that act as powerful antioxidants and inhibit blood platelet clumping. Ginkgo treats depression, headaches, memory loss and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). It is also recommended for Alzheimer's, asthma, eczema, heart and kidney disorders. This herb contains ginkgolides and heterosides.

May increase the effects of MAO-inhibitors. Consult a medical professional before using, if you are taking any anti-depressants.


Brain Booster Extract - 50 mL

To think clearly and remember, Brain Booster is the answer! A blend of 7 magic herbs that have been shown to increase mental clarity and memory function and to fight Alzheimer disorder.Supports the mental clarity, improves memory functions, aids in longevity. Concentrated fluid extracts from organically grown or wildrafted herbs.

Ingredients Ginkgo, Rosemary, Siberian Ginseng, Oats, Cola Nut, Rosehip, Cayenne.